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With todays bro sesh treat it for quality. Get heavy, find a weight for each movement that will allow you to do 4-6 reps with then make you fight for the other 2-4 reps. 1 partner will be working while the other rest, if your doing it solo then rest 1:30 after each set.


Metcon (No Measure)

For quality:(35min max)

A) 3rds:

8-12 Kneeling BB Strict Press

8-12 BB Bent over row(reverse grip)

8-12 Box Dips

(alternate round with a partner)

B) 3rds:

8-12 B.Straight arm pull down

8-12 DB bench press

30-40 change plate press

(alternate rounds with a partner)

C) 3rds:

8-12 Regular curls

8-12 hammer curls

8-12 reverse grip curls

(alt rounds with a partner)

D) 2 min BB Forearm roll up

(reverse grip)