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metcon prep:
– build to your metcon weight in 10 minutes.
– every 2 sets get banded accessory work in.
– pick a weight today that 1) allows you to finish within the time cap and 2) a weight you have to perform heavy singles. Find a consistent pace on those box jumps and don’t deviate from it. Get uncomfortable with this one.

Metcon Prep

Warm-up (No Measure)

-spend 10 minutes building to your metcon weight

– every 2-3 sets banded a/t/y’s and 15 banded lateral steps(each direction)


Metcon (Time)

2 rounds for time:(15min cap)

400m run

8 power cleans (115/80)

25 box jumps(24/20)

8 s2oh(115/80)

Rx+: 2rds(15min cap)

400m run

8 squat cleans(165/115)

25 box jumps(24/20)

8 s2oh(165/115)

Competitor: 2rds(15min cap)

400m run

8 squat cleans(205/135)

25 box jumps(24/20)

8 s2oh(205/135)

run: 300 or 200