Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

-Anything over 80% is no joke. have your mental game ready.
-were working a lot of reps at a higher weight so stay on your form
-use that I.A.P(Intra Abdominal Pressure)
todays wod is a little bit of fun with a touch of pacing and consistency.
make sure to make it a goal to finish at a certain time everytime.
if the K.B Hang Cnj are newer to you, scale down,focus on movement.


Back Squat (5×3 @ 80%)


Metcon (Calories)

Partner Wod(22min)

from 0:00-10:00

30on/30off assault bike (score)

-2min rest-

from 12:00-22:00min

emom(partners alt.minutes)

Min1) 10 K.B hang power cnj 35/26

Min2) 10 burpees
-if no bike, row.

emom style on rower.