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Stepping away from our usual today and getting in some lactate threshold training
Consistency is key, each piece will have a different effect on you and each will build upon each other.
assault bike- Hold a doable,but uncomfortable RPM.
Rower- Hold yourself to a 500m pace. ex.(1:55-2:00pace)
run- strive to stay within 1-3seconds each run.


Metcon (Distance)

2 full rounds of: (40min total)

Part A)5 rounds 40 on/20 off -Max Cals On Assault bike

-Rest 2min/transition-

Part B) 5 rounds: 50 on 10 off -Max Distance Row

-rest 2min/transition-

Part C) 5min Emom -Rx 200m run -Scaled 100m run.

Score: Max Meters.(add cals into meters same with run if you made all RX time slots)