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Happy 1st of November!:)
More volume in the front squat under a short period of time at a medium weight, don’t
let these go past 75%. if your “grinding” through your sets,go down,we want fast reps.
we hardly do small sprints with a fixed amount of rest,this is full on sprint everytime kind of metcon, if you canr do 5 fast c2b you need to scale.No time to get in and out a band. Squat cleans are meant to be heavy.


Front Squat (6×4@75% every 1:30)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8x2min amraps with 1min rest between amraps

5 box jumps 24/20

5 c2b pull ups

1 squat clean (155/105)

Rx+: (205/135)
Rx+: is reserved for those who can confidently hit that weight everytime.