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– get nice and heavy with the sleds, Nice thing about sled work is there is no eccentric portion(lowering phase of a lift) meaning we can move more weight over a longer period of time. On the farmer carries, pick a weight you can hold for the full 200m.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

In Teams Of 3-4:

A)7min amrap:

50ft Sled Sprint(4plates/3plates)

200m farmer carry(AHAP)

-3min rest-

B)7min amrap:

75ft Sled Sprint:(6plates/5plates)

200m farmer carry(AHAP)

-3min rest-

C)7Min Amrap:

100ft Sled Sprint(4plates/3plates)

200m farmer carry
-1 Person does the full sled push then the other athlete goes. Everyone does farmer carry together.

-If 1 person puts the weight down, you must all stop.