Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

each section should be done at a 80% effort. these aren’t all out sprints, don’t sacrifice continuous movement and pacing for a score or to be the whiteboard warrior just to be first for the day. Goal is to move at a uncomfortable but doable pace the whole time.


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

a)10min amrap

200m row 12 Hang Power snatchs(75/55) 8bar facing burpees

-2min active recovery walk-

10min amrap

b)200m run 12 D.B Snatchs(50/35) 8 Push Ups

-2min active walk-

c)10min amrap

10/8cal bike

12 jumping air squats

20 dubs

Rx+: hspu in place of regular push ups

a) empty bar,regular burpees,35/20dumbells,h.r.push up