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-todays wod we’re building off of last weeks snatch work, today is your chance to get nice and heavy and see what you got under fatigue. feel free to have different rep schemes, the 9’s will reflect approx. 10-20sec of work
12’s will reflect approx. 20-30sec of work
15’s will reflect approx. 30-40sec of work.
the choise is yours based on what variation you pick.


Metcon (Weight)

18min emom:

Min 1) 3 hang power snatch(building)

Min 2) 9,12 or 15 reps of Ghd sit ups

Min 3)9,12, or 15 reps of handstand push ups

Minute 2)

-Weighted straight leged sit ups

– v-ups

Minute 3)

-1 ab matt

-2 ab matt

-standing arnold db press