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Low day
Barbell Cycling:
This should be for quality and not so much for moving a heavy weight. Focus on that bar path & how straight you can keep it while cycling. Focus on grip width, feet placement as you transition between lifts and your breathing, then can and should you introduce speed once those become second nature. Add weight as you see fit.
Kepp these as strict as possible. the moment you start swinging drop down.

Barbell Cycling

Barbell Cycling (2) (10×1+2+3)

every 2 min for 20min.

1 Power clean + 2 hang cleans(power or squat) + 3 push jerks
Record your last set

add weight if technique permits.


Metcon (Time)

10:00 EMOM

Min 1)3 strict toes to bar

Min 2)5 strict HSPU.
Score: Put 10 minutes

-in the comments share a secret with us 😉



-Knee tuck

-Straight leg leg raise

-20 sec L-sit Hold


-1 wall walk(as slow and controlled as possible)

-seated(on floor) strict press 50/35

-Off a box