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BB Cycling:
– These are all unbroken sets, its going to be a go off how you feel kind of day so play it by ear but you should be able to add weight each set. The goal is to focus on Barbell cycling with a variety amount of weights.
– Treat this for quality

Barbell Cycling

Metcon (Weight)

Power snatch every 2 min.

set 1) 11 tng

set 2) 9 tng

set 3) 7 tng

set 4) 5 tng

set5) 3 Tng(record this weight)


Metcon (Calories)

3rds For quality:(EMOM)

Min 1) 5-8 Strict Pull Ups

Min 2) 5-8 Strict Press(heavy)(from the floor)

Min 3) Max Cal Row in :40

Min 4) rest

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

5min Flush

– Spend 5 min running, biking or rowing . Each minute add a little bit of intensity.