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You’ll see we have 3 parts to today’s metcon.
1) the 1-3 muscle ups are for those who have them and to refine the little things they lack(timing/technique/stringing them together). Scale down appropriately to whatever best fits your skill set.
2)get after the calories on this emom. try and stay true to your rpm’s.
3)this 5 min amrap is meant to be fast, pick a scaled version that will allow you to achieve 3 rounds +


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

A)8min emom: 1-3 bar muscle ups

-2-5 jumping muscle ups

-2-5 banded muscle ups

-3-5 box dips+ 15sec. static hold

-3min rest-

B) 2x5min emom: 10/8cal bike(2min rest between emoms)

-3min rest-

C)5min amrap:

-8 Alt.DB Snatches(50/35) 7 chest to bar pull ups 6 burpees
Score: will be rounds + reps in “c”


DB: 45/30, 40/25, 35/20,30/15

C2B: jumping or ring rows(to chest)