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Happy Birthday HBIC.
If your in today make sure give the HBIC your best wishes and big sweaty crossfit hugs <3 Strength: we have some tempo work today, stay true to your times and try not to rush the process. Pick a height that is just below if not at parallel for these squats. Gymnastics: Like all gymnastics movements, Technique and positions matter. Fight to hold onto a good position.


Tempo Box Squat (6x 5(4sec down,explode up))

Every 2min for 12minutes.

5 reps w/ 4sec. decent,explode up.
-Adding weight every round.

-No % today its a go off how you feel kinda day.

-Record heaviest set.



6 sets per movement(20 on/20 off)

A) Hollow Rocks

-1min rest/Transition-

B)Ring Push Up Support

-1min Rest/Transition

C) Weighted PVC Superman Hold
-Complete all A before moving onto B and C

Score: input 3 and in the comments post a deep thought of the day.