Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

Dont look at your numbers , have a plan on a goal weight you would like to hit(be realistic) and get after it. Remember to take your rest periods, make smart jumps and overall have some fun!
Like the strength, have some fun with this one. We have a combo of push and pull movements varying from single arm to both arms. The slam ball carry, don’t let it touch your chest, hold it as if you’re going to do a chest pass in a basketball game.


Shoulder Press (Find a 3 rep max.)

-15min cap


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

15 Min Amrap: (Ascending ladder 3,6,9,12..)

-Single Arm DB Clean and jerk(Each arm)(50/35)

-Push ups to ab-mat

-50ft Slam Ball Walking Lunge(Chest height)(30/20)

-Use D.B or K.b @ equivalent weight if no slam balls left.

– 50ft lunge is 2 reps. If you made it halfway and time finished you have earned 1 rep.


DB: (40/30)(35/25)(30/20)

Push Ups: -hand release -Knee push ups

Lunge: -Any size slam ball -Body weight

– 20-15inch box step ups(only if you cannot reach Full R.O.M)