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Happy Monday!
It’s a new week. New Doors. New Challenges.New Blessings.
Let go of last week’s problems, take this week one day at a time and let go of the future that we cant control. Make it a good day!

Lift heavy and go big!
stay true to your % for the metcon, we have a little bit of what we call CP-Battery Training.
A rough explanation of the CP battery is that it is the ability to restore the creatine phosphate pathway (think heavy squats, fast sprints, high jumps, etc.) in order to repeat high percentage efforts. that’s where the magic will be happening. If you have to, scale the time domain not your Barbell weight.


Clean and Jerk (Find 1rm in 20min)

any style clean and jerk


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes

-1 Clean and jerk @ 70-75% of weight lifted in the strength.

-Put weight lifted in the comments

-keep track of how many lifts you made.

-Perfect score should be 20,Scaled 10.

-If you miss one 30sec time frame thats ok, pick it up on the next 30sec.


1 clean and jerk E.M.O.M @ 70-75%