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Happy Birthday Erika Balcorta, Wishing you the best, hope you have an awesome day, thank you for being a member of the L.C.

-The farmer carry static holds need to be heavy, fight to hold a good position in your planks. Don’t get lazy and let your hips drop or push them high, fight for the good position.
with the over head walking lunges we want to strive for full range of motion to get the best benefit from them so scale the weight or pick a scaled option that allows you to achieve that. Strive to go unbroken, go hard & get after it.Set the tone for the rest of your week, Happy Monday!


Metcon (Weight)

10 min emom(50 on 10 off)

Min 1) Static Farmer Carry Hold (A.H.A.P)

Min 2) Forearm Plank


Metcon (Time)

For time(12min Cap)

24-18-12 – O.H Walking lunge(95/65)

24-18-12- Push ups( to ab mat)

100-75-50- Dubs(2:1 singles)


-empty barbell

-95/65 front rack step up to 20inch box

-75/55 front rack step up to 20inch box

-Empty bar front rack step up.