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Happy Birthday Flor! Thank you for being a member at the L.C, your 4,5,6 and sometimes 7 pm classes love having you, thank you for being you, best wishes from the L.C.

-adding into the L-sit combo we’ve been doing a lot these past few weeks we are adding a new component to them. The handstands, hold a stacked position.
Be smart with the way you approach this, it’ll add up real quick. No plan but to figure out when to break up your sets based on your capacity per movement. Have some fun with this one and push yourself a little, be smart yet ambitious on your rep schemes, go outside your normal.


Gymnastics (Score: 3x(pull up repscheme))

3 rounds for quality: (12min max)

5-10 L-sit pull ups

3 wall walks

:20sec H.S Hold

-rest 90seconds-
In the comments write a country you have or would like to visit.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12min amrap:


-Hand Release Push Ups

-Toes To Bar

-Russian Kb Swings(70/53)