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– Strength: Tricep and Bicep work today. The intent today is quality of work while still using some challenging loading.
– Metcon: Today’s Metcon is an average amount of volume, but condensed into only two rounds so breaking movements early before fatigue sets in is important. 800m run pace should stay within 30s of each other. Pacing should be around 80%.


1) Close Grip Floor Press: 5 x 5, adding weight each set. Rest 90s.

2) Barbell Curls: 3 x 10, one weight for all sets. Rest 60s.

Floor Press (5 x 5)

Barbell Curls (3 x 10)


New Workout Plan (Time)

“New Workout Plan”

2 RFT:

75 Air Squats

50 Push-ups

25 T2B

800m Run

22:00 Time Cap


Warm-up (No Measure)

1) DB Cuban Press: 3 x 10-15. Rest 60s.