Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

– Strength: Strict C2B Chin-ups today are intended to be done with BW only. The extra range of motion will challenge you more than you think. If needed use partner assistance and perform chin over bar chin-ups.
– Metcon: The goal today is to work for 40s straight with minimal rest. KB snatches are a new movement so focus on quality over quantity.


1a) Strict C2B Chin-ups: 4 x 5-8. Rest 60s.

– Rx+: Side to Side Pull-ups

– Chin-ups are “supinated grip”

– These are intended to be done BW

– Partner Assisted if needed Chin over bar Chin-ups.

1b) DB Single Arm Bench Press: 4 x 6-8 each. Rest 60s.

– neutral grip

Chin Ups (4 x 5-8)

DB Bench Press (4 x 6-8 ea arm)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 20:

Minute 1: 40s Max KB Snatch (53, 35) (20s each arm)

Minute 2: 40s Max Goblet Squats (53, 35)

Minute 3: 40s Max Barbell Rows (135, 95)

Minute 4: 40s Max SDHP (53, 35)

Minute 5: 60s of Single Unders (recovery) or 60s Bike

*Score = total reps


Warm-up (No Measure)

1a) Zottaman Curls: 3 x 8-12. Rest 30s.

1b) Tricep Kickback: 3 x 12-15. Rest 30s.

2) Standing Banded Rotations: 3 x 10 ea. Rest 60s.