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With the skill were focusing on completing the complex unbroken and flawless. This should be treated for quality. Feel free to go up in weight as you wish but keep the one weight for all movemnts of the complex.
In this amrap you’ll get adequate rest, earn it. Hold that aggressive pace that were always talking about, Lean into the discomfort. if your hurting from yesterday use this as a easy moving workout and just sweat.


Metcon (Weight)

4 rounds(2rds per arm)(12min max)

1 Turkish get up +

2 K.B Power snatches +

2 K.B Clean and Jerk +

2 K.B O.H Squats.

-Unbroken complex

-Cleans are full squats every time

-quality movement over quantity of weight.


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

7min Amrap:(for reps)

12/10 cal bike

12 Box jumps

12 Slam Ball Single Side Front squat(6 each side)(30/20)

-3min rest-

7min amrap(for reps)

10/8 cal row

10 Slam balls

10 ring rows