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Happy bIrthday Alex Mogo!
Thank you for being a dedicated member to the L.C. Your 7pm crew wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for coming to class with the eagerness to learn and get better, we appreciate you and wish you all the best.

-if approached wrong this could easily be a ….”oh i got a good sweat” kinda workout or it could be one of the worst workouts you’ve done in a while. It’ll test your capabilities to hold a certain pace and teach you more about pacing/ when to push in workouts and yourself more then you think. There is no score for a reason, we want our main focus to be on our individual efforts and paces. Listen to the whiteboard instructions and how its suppose to be attacked, give us your full efforts and i promise you this will hurt but make you a better athlete.


Metcon (No Measure)

Interval Training

3 total rounds:(27min total)


1min at 60-70% effort

1min at 80-90% effort

1min rest


1 min @ 60-70% effort

1min @ 80-90% effort

1min rest


-in 1 min run 100m(rest remaining time in 1min)

-in 1 min run 200m meters

-1min rest