Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

– really emphasies abd stay true to your tempo, for our bigger classes we will extended the every 90seconds so you can stay true to your descend,static holds and ascend’s. Control the weight dont let the weight control you.
– like the strength, focus on holding for the full amount of time in your tempo work and static holds. Time under tension is king here. the very last movemnt, work to your abilities. If you have muscle ups, do them. If your kind of on the fence with them feel free to use a band and if you dont have them,work the foundational movement of the Kip swing.


Bench Press (5×5(3-2-X) @ 60-65%)


3seconds down, 2 seconds hold, Explode up.

every 90seconds.


Tempo and static holds

4 rounds for quality:

-10sec top of a pull up hold/ring row

-3-5 strict tempo pull ups(2up,2down)

-1-3 muscle ups or 10 arch to hollows on rig or 10 hips to bar
15min max.