Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

– Strength: Today is geared at working to a max in close grip bench press and assistance work for the upper-body. Take 8 sets and strategically build to a max. Your grip should be just inside of shoulder width.
– Metcon: Today’s workout is a complex movement so each rep will require a high amount of energy. Be smart and find a pace around 80-85% that you can work on taking big chunks out of this workout at a time with strategic bouts of rest.


1a) Close Grip Bench Press: 1RM. Rest 2:00

– Grip just inside of shoulder width

– Build to a max in 6-8 sets. Have spotters in place.

– Beginners: 5 x 5, adding. Rest 2:00

1b) Banded Pulldowns: In between sets perform 15 reps.

Bench Press (1 RM)


Metcon (Time)

“Man Maker”

For time:

30 Man Makers (50, 30)

12:00 Time Cap

Warm-up (No Measure)

1a) KB Tricep Extensions: 3 x 12-15. Rest 45s.

1b) Barbell Curls w. shoulder raise: 3 x 10. Rest 30s.