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Happy Monday!
Your Monday thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger and living a fulfilling, happier life. New week,new doors,new breaks, new blessings, new opportunities.

-If your back squat % is a little old and feels somewhat light, feel free to add a little bit of weight on it. We’re hitting a lot of volume(50 reps in total) so keep that in mind. Focus on the characteristics of your squat(foot position,depth,control,breathing, etc.) Don’t just let the weight push you down and hope you bounce out of the whole, a good squat is a controlled squat.
– with today’s work to rest ratio, really see what you got. Don’t hold back in today’s wod, test your max effort abilities over the course of 8rds. Its only natural that fatigue will set in but fight and see if you can replicate your reps through out the workout.


Back Squat (5×10 @ 50% ev.2min.)


-stick with 1 weight throughout the strength.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rds:(1min on/1min off)

12/9 cal row

-Max push ups w/remaining amount of time

4rds(1min on/1min off)

12/9 cal bike

-Max Toes to bar w/remaining amount of time

– Cut your calories by 2 if you know you cant make those amount of calories in under 30seconds.