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-Todays partner wod can go 2 ways, use it as a active recovery wod after these past few days or if you’re feeling good then slam it! Also just a quick friendly reminder to stay hydrated, make sure your hitting your recovery(nutrition,stretching,mobility work) not only in the gym but outside too. Don’t neglect getting some rest and make time for you too, it’s ok to be selfish and to put time aside for yourself. Don’t forget health isn’t just physical its also mental and emotional.
stay awesome!


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

20min amrap: (w/partner)

300m row, 200m row, 100m row

…right into…

15cal bike, 12cal bike, 9cal bike

…right into…

300m run, 200m run, 100m run

..right into..

15 wall balls, 12 wall balls, 9 wall balls.
Wod Format:

– 1 person works at a time.

– i do 300m, you do 300m, i do 200m,you do 200m and so forth.