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– have some fun with today’s team of 3 wod, break up your time however you see fit and see many cals you can rack up.
Metcon Pt.2:
– our over all focus is burpee efficiency throughout different types of burpee styles.
each one will be different in terms of breathing patterns, hand placements and technique. for the 30 seconds of work make that your main focus. What is your burpee cadence in 3 different styles, we most likely (hopefully not)will see in this years open.


Metcon (2 Rounds for calories)

In a team of 3:

Part A) 4min Max cal Bike

-2min rest-

Part B) 4min Max cal row


Metcon (No Measure)

12 rds:(30sec on/30sec. off)

Rds 1-3: Burpee box jump overs(lateral)

Rds 4-6: Box Facing Burpee jump overs

Rds 7-9: 6 DB snatches+ Max Burpees Over DB

Rds 10-12: burpee to target
Rounds 7-9: any weight db snatch that you can cycle fast