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Strength- Deadlifts: Every single set you need to be going up in weight, if you’re jumps are 25# on each side, you started too light. The first set needs to be relatively heavy to make the gains, jumps should only be 5-10lbs each side.
MetCon- This is going to be a way different pace of workout then yesterday.
The thrusters should be unbroken every time, Toes 2 Bar same or 2 big sets. Everyone should be finishing in the time frame, if you don’t you went too big or too many breaks. For higher level athletes, your goal is 3-4 min. yes its possible, you need to be going fast and unbroken every time. If you are doing knees to elbow you’re knees need to touch your elbows or they don’t count.


Deadlift ( 6×3 (rising) every 2min.)


Metcon (Time)

4 RFT:

10 Thrusters 95/65#

10 T2B

8:00 Time Cap

Scaled Options

a)75/55, knees to elbow b)45/35.knee raises