Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

Strength: For beginners/newer peeps this needs to be done at a workable load, whatever that looks like for you Their only doing one e.m.o.m so their main focus is technique. For everyone else you need to start moderately heavy and stay heavy. Start heavy finish heavy, you shouldn’t be able to add 10-20# each side every 2-3 min.

Metcon: Todays piece is a monostructrual piece, staying away from the weights today, letting that CNS take a break. Make sure you are constantly moving, you should not be doing short bursts of effort then long period of rest. Find a pace you can chip away at it. Don’t under estimate this one.


Clean and Jerk (Power clean + Push Jerk 12 EMOM)


Metcon (Time)

Buy In: 1,000m Run

Then 4rds:

15 burpees

30ab mat sit ups

60 dubz

18:00 Time Cap

Scaled Options:

120 Singles