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Skill: we will be spending time working the fundamentals of gymnastics working towards Toes to Bar and different mobility tips to help you achieve a better pain free position.
This workout has 2 options. The first option is reserved for those who are more competitive and are comfortable in these higher skilled movements. The second is the exact same just a change of movements to fit those who don’t have the mechanics of the high skill lifts preformed at a fast pace keeping the intensity. Yes, these are full cleans and snatches.


Toes to Bar.

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds:(12min cap)

Option A)

10 snatches 10 o.h squats 10 cleans

(95/65)(RX+:1 rope climb after each round,only for option”A” only)


Option B)

3 rounds:(12min cap)

10 cleans 10 front squats 10 deadlifts


Make sure to note which Option you preformed in the comment section.