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– Today’s wod is what i like to call “skinny people stuff.” We’re purely focused on body weight movements, that will test you more then you think,something i feel is overlooked and underestimated in metcons. If you have the capabilities of doing all your work unbroken as RX, then a vest is for you. Don’t scale up to move slower. Hit those full ranges of motion, start your monday by going hard on this one and like always…have fun!


Metcon (Time)

For time: (35minute cap)

5rds: 10 pull ups

-right into-

5rds: 15 push ups

-right into-

5rds: 20 sit ups

-right into

5rds: 25 air squats

rx+: 20/14lb vest
NOtes: rest 1 minute after each individual round