About Us

Laveen CrossFit was started by 2 families who love what CrossFit did for them in building a healthier lifestyle & community, but were tired of having to drive out of Laveen to find it. The Oquists & Browns met at their CF Box & became friends, they soon discovered they both lived in the same wonderful town, Laveen. They talked about how nice it would be to have a box closer to home so they could enjoy it’s benefits a little more without having to tie in so much drive time, bam the idea of the LC was born.

With a strong belief in what CrossFit does for each individual as well as bringing together a community & knowing that we each love Laveen, we wanted to bring these two together. CrossFit is built around lifting each member up in the gym & in their daily life. If someone gets sick, members do what they can to help them get better & make their life easier, as well as if someone seems to be lagging in a workout they try to cheer them on & help them get through it. CrossFit is more than just a place to work out & be fit, it becomes a family & a place to find friends & the comfort you need some days. Laveen needs this, which is why the Oquists & the Browns finally decided to make this a reality instead of just wishing they didn’t have to drive to find it. We hope to make Laveen stronger one person at a time. #laveenstrong