Aerobic Threshold

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Aerobic Threshold:
– Todays workout focus is pacing consistency.
Don’t bring a watch, don’t bring a timer or anything you can look at during your run. The whole point is to know your personal pace and keep it with minimal rest and repeat it over the course of a long time.
Music is optional but I’d recommend you work on your own mental fortitude and see what you tell yourself while you run with no music. Whats between your ears when the suck starts to suck.

Aerobic Threshold

Metcon (Distance)

8x 3min runs w 45sec rest in between your runs.

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

3 rounds:(for quality)

1 min Nasal Breathing Machine

5 sciatic nerve flosses(L/R)

:20 Straight leg Plate hold

10 cat cows