Cardio is Hardio

Laveen CrossFit – CrossFit

The rest period will be considered your transitions too. There’s no rest between sets, they
have a minute to transition/rest into their next piece.
This is how your pieces should look like in terms of relative intensity
Bike: (rpm)(example numbers)
R1) easy 45 medium 55 hard 70
R2) easy 50 medium 55 hard 70+
R3) easy 55 medium 60 hard 75+
R4) easy 55 medium 65 hard 75+
R5) easy 60 medium 70 hard 80+


Metcon (Distance)

5rounds: (for each equipment 45min total)

-1min easy

-30seconds medium

-30seconds all out sprint

-1min rest

(3min total per round)

on the:



Score: max distance combined

– run: exact distance, no estimates either 200,300,400 no 235m or 431m

-Cal BIke: add to your distance

-Row: Distance.