Carry your burdens

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Odd object:
– pull out those tank tops,crop tops, some sunny’s and of course your sunscreen cause we’re outside today. We will be carrying odd objects for a set distance, make it a goal to hold on to that object for the entire distance. Take rest as you see fit and put your lifting to the test.
– pick a rep scheme that is just outside your comfort zone. pick based on the overall rep scheme at the end of the 10 minutes not the individual number itself. Get outside your comfort zone and earn this one.

Odd Object

Odd object Carry

For 20 minutes: 150m each

– Farmer Carry

-Box Carry

– Plate Pinch

-Single arm Slam Ball over head carry

(75m each arm)
-No score. Have fun and carry for quality


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Min EMOM:(pick rep scheme based on skill)


Russian kettle bell swings(53/35) + Burpees

(both movements in the same minute)

Rx+: (70/53)
Score: total reps in the full EMOM

5’s = 100 reps

6’s= 120 reps

7’s= 140 reps

8’s= 160 reps

9’s= 180 reps

10’s= 200 reps