How To Join the LC

Have you been wanting to join Laveen CrossFit, but not really sure how to? Let’s discuss a couple options to help you feel a little more comfortable with getting in here.

First step is a free class, yep, you read correctly. Your first class is always free! Easiest class to try is our Free Community Class on Saturdays at 9 a.m. Please show up about 8:45 so we can get you signed in and you are able to get into class on time, and hear the breakdown of how the day’s workout goes. If you can’t make it to a Saturday, then how about a Tuesday or Thursday night at 7 p.m? This is our 101 class, and as long as you are here by 6:50, you can use it as your free class, one time.

IF neither of these options work for you, we ask that you either call or email us to set up a time in a regular class that you can try. We don’t mind you trying out one of our regular classes, however, certain classes are bigger and some days have pretty complicated movements, so we need to find a good day and time for a beginner to jump in to. What we don’t want is for you to feel lost in a bigger class, confused due to not knowing what is going on or worst case, hurt because you didn’t fully understand how to do something. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes Olympic weightlifting, and other barbell movements. We use percentages and breakdown of the various movements, so we ask that you start with a month of our 101 classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

We have been asked why we don’t offer a “per class” option, this goes back to using the barbell. If you don’t attend regularly, then you aren’t getting the practice with the barbell, nor are you getting any decent numbers to work off of. It would be like your first class, every time if you only came once or twice a week/month. The coach isn’t going to let you go up in weights because they aren’t sure what you can do. We want you to see results, and without regular attendance, being able to add small amounts of weights or do the next level of anything we do, your results (if any) with level off pretty quickly . If you are attending regularly you will see changes, as our programming is designed a month at a time, pushing a little more with each class.

As far as what we don’t want, you to just drop in during an early morning class. The early morning (5,6 &7 a.m) is a time that only the coach is on duty, we do not have an extra staff member to help assist you in getting set up, answer membership questions, and talk billing. There is usually someone that can help with at the LC by 8:30 every day. Feel free to swing by anytime after that. Walking in, in the early morning can take away from the class that is going on, since the coach is trying to get them going and coach them in the daily workout. Plus, if you loved your class and have decided this is it, I am in! (Which we think you will 😉) Signing up can be a bit difficult, as coach needs to get the next group moving and may not be able to answer all your questions and this could lead to a few frustrations down the road.

Signing up, really is simple if you just follow a few easy steps. As the owners we really do enjoy putting a name to a face, so if we can meet you prior to you just coming in at 5 a.m unaware of how CrossFit works. We love knowing all our members and having a face to out with each set paperwork. To us you are not just a member of our gym, you are a valuable part of our community and we want to connect with you so you feel comfortable attending the LC and all the fun social events we have. Don’t be scared, all of our coaches are friendly and able to scale to your needs so you can just as good a workout as the person next to you.

Much 💙💛 HBIC