Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

This last weekend I participated in  Girl’s Gone WOD. An all women comp, it was a great event & great day working out with a wonderful group of women.  It was also a very hot day, the first of 3 days leading to record breaking temps. We were all aware of this, took plenty of water & good food to eat between events, some even had coconut water & other electrolyte rich drinks. I made sure to always have water with me, and drank my BCAA’s. At 12:15 we started our 2nd workout and I found it hard to catch my breath as the box had filled with spectators & other participants. The box, even with the air running was hotter & muggier than being outside. After the workout, which we did great on, we moved to the 2nd room as our floater wod started at 1:00 to stand in front of a large fan to help us cool down before the last event. It worked and again we had a great score, we quickly retreated to outside to get some fresh air & get away from the sweltering heat inside. Again I kept hydrating, lots & lots of water, I will say I also mixed in 2 of those Xyience drinks I love, one earlier in the day & then one after we were all done, just before the other team from the LC was getting ready to start their final wod. I had a small headache but chalked it up to the noise & excitement of the day. After we all finished we took down our rest space & my family took Danny out to dinner for Father’s Day. During dinner the headache started to throb, I remember thinking I should not have drank that 2nd Xyience, as I usually only drink 1 a day to avoid the side effects from too much caffeine. By the time we got home I was extremely tired & my head felt thick. Again I chalked it up to the fun of the day & exhaustion that sets in after any big event.  We all took a little nap, then put together a grocery list & decided we earned ice cream too, so we set off for the store, after stopping at our fave creamery. Not long after we started grocery shopping I began to feel nauseous & had trouble concentrating on what we needed, we came home & I begged the fam to do my usual job of putting the groceries away, that I needed to lay down to make this headache go away. Danny mumbled something about dehydration but of course it didn’t register as I wasn’t able to concentrate. As I laid on the couch, my legs started to cramp & I couldn’t keep them still, & I couldn’t sleep because my head hurt too much. After awhile I just put myself to bed, where I still fought my legs, but eventually feel asleep. When I woke Sunday the headache was still there, but I could move around without getting sick & my legs had mostly returned to normal.  I took some ibuprofen for my head & started drinking gatorade for the immediate electrolytes & glucose my body needed to rehydrate. I felt better as the day went on, but would fatigue easily & my head just felt thick, like
it was warning me the headache would return.  I drank water & gatorade all day, & by bedtime thought I was beginning to get over, what I chalked up to dehydration & exhaustion. Monday, I woke feeling much better,  but as the day went on as I would start to be my normal active self, the thickness would return to my head. As the evening came on I kept saying I will jump in & do the next class, however as I would start to get active before each class the thickness would again cloud my head, so I came home instead & skipped working out. Today was the first day I have been able to get some form of exercise in, I went for my normal swim & then tried to do some lifting before the noon class, my normal warm up weights felt heavy & by the time I had to coach I was dizzy & the headache started to return. I ended up taking some ibuprofen during class. I then ran a couple of errands & came home exhausted where I crashed & took a nap. I am telling you this story as a warning, as I started to research dehydration I realized I am suffering from heat exhaustion & bordering on heat stroke. Two not so good heat related illnesses. I thought I had drank more than enough water & electorlytes Saturday to dilute the energy drinks I had drank & be able to sustain through the workouts. Apparently I was wrong as here it is Tuesday & I am still struggling to return to my active self. I want to warn others to drink, drink, drink! Get all the water you can, find ways to tie in electrolytes your body is losing in the heat, I did find that Emergen C has a ton of electrolytes and can be a great source for after a
workout or in the heat. It’s not just for that extra does of Vitamin C! I am trained to know better, and thought I could handle Saturday, here’s my advice, skip the energy drinks & soda all together, dilute some Gatorade/Powerade or even get pedialyte instead if you are bored with plain water. Coconut water is great for this too, and a little trick of the trade if you feel any of these symptoms creeping up on you, a shot of pickle juice, high in salt but it is what your body needs to jumpstart the rehydration process. If your symptoms worsen, you puke, quit sweating but are feeling hot, or you start to talk incoherently seek medical attention asap. Arizona is on an extreme heat warning for at least 2 weeks, if have an event coming up you need to start hydrating at least 2 days prior.  Take it from me, you don’t want to deal with this in any form. There were 5 heat related deaths over this past weekend, one of which was a personal trainer, who like myself thought she was prepared & knew what to do. If you are in doubt as to if you are able to go on that hike, even at 8 a.m than skip it, find a pool & swim some laps instead.  We did have some running programmed in this next 2 weeks and we are currently reevaluating these workouts to keep you all safe, however keep hydrating & be prepared for whatever we may throw at you! This heat is no joke, we love you & want to see all of your faces for a very long time! Being prepared is part of being #laveenstrong. Take it from me, hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE!