Hydration Do’s and Dont’s continued…

How to hydrate and why

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“Sports drinks and their alternatives make the most sense for endurance athletes. If your specialty is strength training, on the other hand, you aren’t continually draining sugar out of your blood in the same was as a runner or cyclist who is covering mile after mile. If you’re working out to gain muscle or to lose weight, you’re also probably watching your diet closely. Rather than using some of your day’s calories on sports drinks, you’re probably better off spending those on protein or other healthy foods that help you towards your goals.”
If you dont have time to read the entire article, I think that paragraph sums up the moral of the article. Remember that the term “endurance athlete” refers to longer than one hour… our workouts are approximately 45-60 minutes at LC… therefore use your money wisely… and not to mention WE HAVE FREE WATER from the water fountains. Free is good. Stay thirsty my friends #LaveenStrong