Hydration Do’s & Dont’s

Gatorade’s New Organic drank
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Gatorade is coming out with their Organic brand of sports drinks, “Gatorade O” but  just like the author notes, other than taking out the artificial food dye’s (that have been linked to cancer), its still liquid candy :/  Kudo’s for moving in the right direction, Gatorade, but to those that value their hard earned money…they still just want your money, and people are still better off sticking to water for optimal performance of workouts under an hour long. In adittion to what the author notes in the article, having a professor that worked for the Gatorade Institute, and taught me and my fellow classmates in-depth about sports drinks compared to water or even chocolate milk (not the crap on the shelves with sugar but a 3-1 milk to cacao powder ratio) she even noted its just sugar water with electrolytes and you dont need that until after a decently grueling 60-minute plus workout. Though, if you must get “your fix” of crack, I mean sugar, atleast dilute it by half. Pour half of your gatorade in a sports bottle and fill the rest up with water. It’ll make your Gatorade last longer and you’ll get the actual water your body needs.