It’s that time again.

It’s a new year and you know what that means, goal setting time!

It’s true that 2019 is a blank page ready for you to write on. What will your pages say? This year I am changing what we put on the Goal Board at the LC, I want to see some shorter term goals written, then we are going to check them off as we go and write new ones up. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to write long term ones, in fact I want to encourage each of you to write down the long term fitness goals you have and put them somewhere you can see it everyday. The fridge, bathroom mirrior, your closet door, maybe even in your car somewhere. That way you can see if everyday and stay focused. Then choose some small term goals that will help get to the big one. Talk to your coaches about them so we can check in with you periodically to see how it is going. By putting your short term goals on the board (something you want to accomplish in 3 months or less) we as a staff can see how we need to program for the next few months. We can set up warm ups, strength/skill & metcons that can help you mark them off faster.( If your long term goal is a big one, we do still offer personal training, ask your favorite coach about that.)

Writing down our goals, helps us stay focused on them, and putting a time stamp on them pushes you harder. Next time you are in, please write your goal on the board. Let’s all work together to accomplish all your not so blank pages of 2019! Let’s do this LC Nation! It’s easier to become #LaveenStrong if we work together.