Journey of Love

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Happy Valentines day Nation,

for today’s partner wod bring in your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/
baby mama,sugar daddy or finally ask the person you’ve been stalking either on social media or in person(hopefully that’s not you) to come through down with you and share your passion for the 50 shades of crossfit .


Warm-up (No Measure)

A) The “how you doin”phase

5min Amrap: 10 Push ups 10 box jump overs

-rest 1 min-

B) The “honeymoon” phase

5min Amrap: 2,4,6,8…. DB S20H(each arm) & Goblet squats

-rest 1min-

C) The “Meet the parents” phase

3min Amrap: 5 partner jump over burpees

-rest 1 min-

D)The “Move In” phase

3min Amrap: 10 alt. Db step ups(same d.b as B)

-rest 1 min-

E)The “Proposal” phase

2min Amrap: Max Cal Row

-rest 1 min-

F)The “Wedding ” Phase

2min amrap: max jump ropes/dubs

-rest 1min-

G) The “I dive a mini van now cause we have kids” phase

-2min amrap: Max Cal Bike