I know you have seen our # all over our social media & we talk about being Laveenstrong, but what does it really mean?  How did the term Laveenstrong come about? Let me share something I had typed up while I was still dreaming about what the LC could be & what Laveen means to me, even why we eventually trademarked the term #Laveenstrong.

What does Laveen mean to you? For Kristi Oquist, one of the founders of the LC it means home, it is memories of playing in the cotton fields while her grandpa farmed them, making friends at the original Laveen Elementary School, learning to love softball through the Laveen Summerball program from the time she was 3 up through Jr High.  It means raising sheep & pigs with the Laveen 4-H club, riding horses all over the the Laveen area including Carver Mountain, it means the annual Fourth of July Picnic put on  by the Laveen Lions & Lady Lions clubs with fire works. It means performing at the annual Laveen BBQ either as a clogger with Laveen 4-H Cloggers or with the Laveen Jr High choir.  It means the smell of animals & fresh cut hay. Kristi grew up right here & has watched it blossom into the great community we have now. All of these opportunities & organizations taught her about values & giving back, so why did Kristi want to start the LC? Well, she loves this community to the core & we all know that our core is the center of our bodies & lives.  With a strong core you can lift anything, withstand anything, she wants to help others build a strong core & build the core of our community at the same time. With a deep love of CrossFit & all that it has done for her, she wants to give it back to the Laveen community. CF is all about Community first, helping others, both physically & emotionally, helping you be strong so you can handle anything life brings at you. Whether you are a teacher, farmer or an office worker you need to have a strong core & healthy lifestyle.  The one way Kristi can give back is by helping to make Laveen stronger one person at a time, helping make all of us #laveenstrong.

As we grow & do more in the community  around the South Phoenix/Laveen area, search for ways you can be #Laveenstrong, help a neighbor carry groceries in…I mean why else would we be doing so many farmer’s carries…instead of grumbling that your neighbors have left their garbage cans out all week go ask them if they need help.  Maybe a family member is sick, or they are a single parent struggling to keep work, kids & all other activities running, the garbage cans are the last thing on their mind.  Get involved in something, coach a baseball team, mentor kids at a local school, give time at a care home, there are so many ways to help make our community better.  Let’s show that we are more than just physically strong, be mentally & emotionally strong too.  #Laveenstrong is a lifestyle not just about your next PR, even though we are proud of that too!