Memorial Day/ Happy Anniversary

Here we are, can you believe that it has been a year already? May 15th marked our 1 year anniversary, and we are so excited you are all here with us. It has been a great first year full of growth, change & learning. We want to celebrate this milestone on Memorial Day by throwing down Murph and lighting up the BBQ. Please join us Monday May 30th, we will run a Firebreathers class at 7:30, Firebreathers means coaches & other CrossFitters with at least a year experience and have done a full Murph before. We will then run classes at 9 and 10, in these classes you will get the opportunity to attempt a full Murph for the first time or we will be there to help you scale appropriately. We will light the BBQ at 11 as soon as everyone finishes. Murph is a pretty intense workout reserved for Memorial Day each year in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy, who died in combat. We would love to have everyone join us. We will be supplying the Asada, please bring a side dish or some drinks. If you are one of our Founder’s, please wear your Founder’s Club shirt, we really want to take a picture of all the original members, as well as a new group pic of everyone.