CrossFit is what we do here. It is functional fitness designed to help you live a better life, meaning anything we do here transfers into what we do everyday of our life. It is an intense workout designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, mixing all forms of fitness, from olympic lifting to running so that everyday is leg, cardio, & upper body day, combined with a great community of people who help & cheer each other on. You are never alone in your fitness journey, your only competition is yourself. Each day is different so you will never get bored, be prepared to get fit but enjoy yourself while doing it.


High Intensity Interval Training is a fast paced 1 hour class of body weight & light weighted movements designed to help with your cardio & endurance. Burn calories & get your sweat on, this class will test even the most conditioned athletes. 60 minute class


Want to get started with CrossFit, but you haven’t ever done it and might be scared of the barbell or even the way we talk with all our acronyms? The 101’s are where you start here at the LC. Your first month at Laveen CrossFit is just $100 and you will attend 8 classes on Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:00. Each class is an hour and is designed to teach you the in’s and out’s.You will learn the movements, correct form, how to speak CrossFit, and how each class works. After your first month you can then choose from either of our regular memberships and start attending any CrossFit class on our schedule. We know everyone’s schedule is different and that evening might not be your usual workout time, however we ask that for just 1 month you rearrange and try it out so we can teach you all that you need to know so you won’t feel so overwhelmed in the regular classes. (If you work nights, please just contact us for other options) I guarentee that you won’t regret taking the 101’s. It helps to learn the ropes in a smaller group, so that when it is time to attend the regular class you will feel a little more comfortable. You will still get a great workout, each class ends with a MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) just like our regular classes. As always your first class is always free, call ahead and let us know you are wanting to try it out and we will save you a spot. 602-243-4225.


MobFit is short for Mobility Fitness, this a program designed to help those who are a little older with mobility issues, knees, back, or shoulders, or even those with medical issues that they feel may limit the amount of physical activity they can do. ie: Diabetes, high Blood Pressure etc. Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:15 p.m Physical activity is good for everyone, don’t let anything hold you back.


Do what you want for once

LC 6 Weeks

The new and improved LC 6 Weeks is here! We have taken our 6 Week Transformation and turned it into a fun co-ed Bootcamp. Workouts are done in the gym, outside in the parking lot, at local parks and even on the track! You will still see inches lost, get great nutrition advice, and see what kind of change can be made in just 6 weeks of eating healthy and working hard. We start the 6 weeks with body measurements and taking a look at how you are currently eating, then throughout the first week we will hand out and talk about various changes you should make in your eating habits to see the changes you want. The old saying of “You can’t outrun a bad diet” is true, don’t waste all the hard work you are doing by continuing to eat the wrong foods.

Cost is only $250 per person, or as a bonus if you can talk someone into joining with you cost is only $450 per couple. Grab your bestie, spouse, co-worker, sibling or child (over the age of 15) and save $50. Working out is a lot more fun with someone to share your pain with.

A little friendly competition just might be what you need to keep moving throughout the 6 weeks, then the one who doesn’t lose as much can buy the Halo Top at the end. We usually have one starting every 8 Weeks, so contact us today to find out when the next 6 Week Bootcamp starts.