CrossFit is what we do here. It is functional fitness designed to help you live a better life, meaning anything we do here transfers into what we do everyday of our life. It is an intense workout designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, mixing all forms of fitness, from olympic lifting to running so that everyday is leg, cardio, & upper body day, combined with a great community of people who help & cheer each other on. You are never alone in your fitness journey, your only competition is yourself. Each day is different so you will never get bored, be prepared to get fit but enjoy yourself while doing it.


High Intensity Interval Training is a fast paced 1 hour class of body weight & light weighted movements designed to help with your cardio & endurance. Burn calories & get your sweat on, this class will test even the most conditioned athletes. 60 minute class


In this 30 minute class we use the general term of the core muscles being mostly abs, but also utilizing the muscles between the shoulder blades and down to the glutes. We want to target the deepest inner most muscles as well, so you’re strongest in the proper area’s to put up with life’s demands. The goal is to identify the core muscles, and strengthen them in a way that helps you perform every day activities, as well as your style of workout with greater function in the midsection of your body.


Using scientific principles to showcase your true flexibility, our proprietary 30 minute class helps you improve joint function, and move with greater ease in all that you do in a days time. From nagging injuries, to acute tweaks or in-flexibilities, all will be addressed within the stretch class. Overall, it will encompass a full body stretch routine, as well as specific detail to your particular issue, with the whole body in mind.


Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) as it’s known in the massage/physical therapy world, is a main focus in this one hour segment. The foam roller, lacrosse ball, and/or stretch strap will all be used in ways that help you improve mobility over your entire body and in whatever region restriction may be occurring. The goal is to give you the tools to perform these mobility movements throughout the gym, and your home. Massaging the knots away, as well as the bigger issues of muscular restrictions and getting into the deeper underlying muscular tightness will be the focal point, for you to improve your ease of movement while in the WOD’s.


MobFit is short for Mobility Fitness, this a program designed to help those who are a little older with mobility issues, knees, back, or shoulders, or even those with medical issues that they feel may limit the amount of physical activity they can do. ie: Diabetes, high Blood Pressure etc. Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:15 p.m Physical activity is good for everyone, don’t let anything hold you back.


Do what you want for once


Our 6 Week Transformation is a great way to jumpstart your decision to lead a healthier lifestyle. Let Laveen CrossFit introduce you to fitness, in a small group of women all wanting to do the same as you. You get 3 one hour workouts each week, starting out with basic CrossFit workouts and gradually building in intensity by the end of the 6 weeks. You will also get basic nutrition guidelines, help with some menu planning and what types of food to start letting go of, nutrition is 80% of weight loss and strength building, the workout is only 20%. You also get out of this Transformation what you put in, attitude is everything. We hope you make some lifelong friends, in the ladies that are in your group, as you bond over each other’s accomplishments and not letting each other quit when the going gets tough.

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursdays at either 8:00 a.m or 6:30 p.m and then both groups meet up on Saturday morning to work out together at 7 a.m. The cost for the basic plan is just $250. We also add an upgrade, which gives you some great products from Advocare to help jumpstart your energy, strength building and weight loss, for an additional $100, a total of $350.

Whichever choice you make you will see inches lost, strength gained, confidence built and you will be ready to continue living healthy for a long time.