The Open is upon us!

It’s that time again!  The CrossFit Games Open is right around the corner, in fact registration opened last week. What is the Open, you ask?  The Open is where CrossFitters across the world compete by completing the same 5 workouts over 5 weeks, input their scores and see where they rank among all the other CrossFitters.  If you have been CrossFitting for about 7 months or more I want to encourage you to sign up and see what you’ve got. Before you stress out and think you can’t let’s discuss what the Open is really about. The workouts have to completed as written, even if you do the scaled option. What this does is forces us to see what we are really made of. It shows us what we really can do and might have been holding back because we didn’t think we could. I got my first 2 chest to bar pull ups in the final workout of the 2013 Open. Back then there wasn’t a scaled option so I knew going into the final workout that I would not finish the workout, but I wanted to try my hardest to get as many reps as I could, and that I didn’t want to join the thousands of people who would get just 12 (the number of thrusters before the C2B) so I practiced a little before I did the workout. Needless to say I pulled to C2B out from somewhere deep inside and ended with a score of 14 instead of 12, I was never prouder of of those 2 extra reps.  The point of the Open is not to complete every single workout, it’s to test yourself to see how you have progressed throughout the last year, to see where you stand among all the CrossFitters in the entire world. It only costs $20, you register online, then you complete 1 workout a week for 5 weeks, you must have a judge present when you do the workouts, then enter your score online when you finish. The workouts are surprises, they get released each Thursday, which we will watch live in the box,  then you have til Monday at 5 p.m to complete the workout and enter your score.  To make it easy for you, the Open workouts will be our Friday workouts each Friday for those 5 weeks. (Which means you will be doing them anyway so why not just sign up) To make it even more fun, each Friday night we will be running heats of Open workouts and judging all who are signed up. Since these will be your Friday wormouts, you will be required to do the workouts as written, no scaling. Another reason why you should just sign up and compete with yourself, use these upcoming 5 weeks to test yourself and see how close you really are to being stronger than you think.  I bet you can really do a couple of Toes to Bar, you just need a reason to. We will be setting up a leader board, for both the RX and the Scaled options and you can see where you rank in the box, plus worldwide. If you want to be a part of the in house Open competition you must be signed up online as well.  Let’s have some fun with this, who thinks they have the best class? Is the 5 a.m better than the 5 p.m? Let’s test it over the 5 weeks of the Open. Who’s in?! Come on LC Nation join us in this 5 weeks of fun and let’s see who has been sandbagging Haha, we know you each have more than you think you do. We all believe in you, now show us we are right, click on the link and have some fun!