” Upside down”

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– This should be a continuously moving wod, there is a twist to how you’ll approach the wod so make sure to listen up at the whiteboard, it’ll add a little different element to todays wod
Pick a weight that you can realistically go unbroken with for as long as possible. Have some fun with this one, its a little different of a format so enjoy!


Metcon (Time)

4 rounds For Time:(22min cap)

20 unbroken Deadlifts(135/95)

25 dubs (50 singles)

200m row or 10/8 cal bike

20 unbroken shoulder 2 overhead(135/95)

25 dubs

200m row or 10/8 cal bike

(Every time you don’t go unbroken 3 burpee penalty right then and there)
Scaled Weights:

-115/80 -105/75 -95/65 -75/55 -empty bar

Life Style:

20 Plate Ground to over head(45/35)

25 dubs

200m row or 10/8 cal bike

20 SDHP(70/53)

25 dubs

200m or 10/8 cal bike

Unbroken Rules


– Can rest in the standing position with bar in hand.

– cannot rest on the floor even if hands are on the bar.

Shoulder 2 overhead

– Can rest in the front rack position

if bar comes lower then shoulder height hit your burpees.