Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) link click here
Remember this : “Healthy gut, healthy body!” Thats one thing to take away from this article and post. Another take away is that ACV tastes wretched(aka nassstyyy)! Ya I know, I drink it once or twice a week and I always immediately regret my decision. Though, shortly thereafter the regrets go away and I feel pretty damn good. I’ve tried it by way of a shot glass- straight up, mixed in a glass with water and Pink himalayan sea salt, and even added oregano oil (why, cause the nastier it tastes, the better it is, right?), and even tried it with water, sea salt, honey & cinnamon… All-in-all it still is horrible anyway you cut it. But, on the bright side it only lasts for a minute or so and I can handle that based on the health benefits. Ever heard of “take one for the team?” Well, in my opinion, its an expression used to showcase grit for a worthy cause (your team or your body). You do this all the time when you come into the gym at Laveen CrossFit. You sacrifice the feeling of being content and complacent with your current state of health and you push through the grueling workout to make it to a healthier state of being. You’re ultimately taking one for the team, allbeit your own body/self, your family, friends, significant other, perhaps not wanting to pay $90k for a heart attack, and/or decrease your probability of being ill, etc… So, get some Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, consume it however you can and take one for the team! #StayThirstyMyFriends #LaveenStrong